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Morris County’s first School of Design Thinking

“Instilling creative confidence in the Morris County Community one mindset at a time.”

“Fuel the fires of innovation within your organization. Practice Design Thinking and experience unbridled creativity”

What Is Entrepreneurial U And Design Thinking?

In any organization having the confidence to put one’s idea forward is unusual. Someone may have a revolutionary idea, but without mentioning it, the idea dies.  Entrepreneurial U teaches design thinking, a unique program consisting of lectures, workshops and one-on-one interaction to help students learn new ways of thinking. Participants will learn how to adopt design thinking and its methodologies to become effective and to solve problems. 

Design thinking builds confidence: when people learn how to think creatively, they have the confidence to share their thoughts because they will have crafted solid ideas that can lead to innovative solutions. At a workshop series we put together, Directors for a non-profit social agency learned more effective ways to raise funds and how to develop better membership drives and serve its constituents. The design thinking program focuses on serving non-profit social organizations, such as board members for Zonta, a non-profit, global organization of executives and professionals who work together to advance the status of women.

The design thinking program at EU includes teaching clients how to: concisely define and analyze problems, effectively and openly brainstorm idea and efficiently research information. Design thinking also helps individuals break through barriers that can stifle innovation within an organization, develop and build confidence that assures they will be innovative leaders within their organization and be inspired to rely on intuition as well as rationale.  Students of design thinking have confidence in their ability to offer creative insights to an organization’s programs.

Bootcamps In Business Development and Design.

EU Boot camps  are designed to be brief and impactful.  From 4 hour sessions to  4 day sessions, each boot camp allows the novice participant to learn the basic tenets of design thinking prior to embarking on a problem solving journey.  Available to all EU clients.

*To the right, a picture of Professor Howard mentoring Princeton University on a social entrepreneurial project challenging waste management. *

Workshop Courses In Design Thinking and It’s Methodologies

Participants are able to select from four distinct workshop courses of varying length tailored to suit their needs.  Each workshop builds on the other allowing participants to increase their Design Thinking abilities with each course taken.

Claudia Competed in and won a competition against female pure entrepreneurs who were mentored by McKinsey & Company Consultants at Harvard University, using the skills she learned in Design Thinking at EU in the Fall of 2017!

Certificate Track Programs Offered By Entrepreneurial U. LLC

These five tracks are tailored to suit participant’s specific aims and goals.  Varying in length from 4 to 8 weeks.

  *CT-EU Design

*CareerCT-IV  Inventor

*CT-BU Business Start Up

*CT-NP Non Profit Organization

*CT-SE Social Entrepreneur

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